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The doctors you can see through Doctaly offer a wide range of
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General GP appointments

You can use Doctaly like you would your registered GP (if you have one). Why suffer in silence, or have to feel unwell for days waiting for an NHS appointment when you can see a doctor today?

Just search using your postcode to find a doctor near you. You can see more about each one, including their medical qualifications, services they can provide, languages spoken and any areas of specialism. All of our doctors are GMC registered and only practice at CQC approved premises.

Our consultations are 15 minutes long and Doctaly stores no patient medical records, so sharing your consultation notes with your NHS GP is your choice.

Dr Sian Morris
Dr Anuj Patel
Dr Maher Shakarchi
Dr Jayin Jacob
Dr Heather Watson
Dr Tasneem Ally
Dr Dinesh Silva

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Private Prescriptions

If you need medication, your doctor will provide you with a private prescription, which you can take to any UK pharmacy. Please note that the cost of a private prescription is likely to be higher than an NHS prescription.

Blood Tests

Our doctors are able to perform a wide range of blood tests to help diagnose you effectively. You will be advised of any costs for this before any tests are taken, and you can pay using our app, website or by calling our patient support team.

For most blood tests, your results will be available either the same, or next day. The doctor will call you to explain the results and advise you on the best course of action.


Sexual Health Screening & STIs

If you’re worried about sexually transmitted infections or you just want a routine screening for peace of mind, we can help. Our doctors will treat you in complete confidence, with sensitivity and professionalism. Often patients find it easier to talk about this kind of thing with a doctor they don’t already have a patient relationship with.

Your doctor will begin by taking a brief history, followed by an examination if required. They can then advise you on any tests required, the costs of those and they will contact you directly and discretely to provide the results – which in some cases may be the same day.

Referral Letters

If you require a referral letter to a specialist, we’re here to help. Just book an appointment with one of our doctors, who will be happy to arrange your referral to an appropriate specialist. There is no additional cost for this service.

Fit For Work Note

If you have been unfit for work for four weeks or more (or you are likely to be), our doctors can provide you with a fit for work note for evidence that you are well enough to return to work. There is no additional cost for this service if you have seen a Doctaly GP during your time off.