How Doctaly works

Quick, easy and secure. There’s no lengthy sign up forms and you can book an appointment today.

Choose your doctor and book your appointment

You’ll get an instant email confirmation (and an SMS reminder).

Pay online, quickly and securely

Our website uses secure technology, so your details are safe.

Turn up for your appointment

…and start feeling better!

What happens at my appointment?

Just go along to the surgery, like you would for your normal registered GP. Consultations are 15 minutes long, so you will have plenty of time to talk to the Doctor in a relaxed environment.

We don’t store any of your medical records or details of your appointment. If you wish to share these with your own doctor or other healthcare professionals, you can.

If you need medication, you’ll be given a prescription there and then, which you can collect at any UK pharmacy.

And if you need, or want, to be referred to a specialist or for further tests, you can do that through Doctaly too, or go back to your doctor with the information.

What can I see a Doctaly doctor for?

You can book an appointment for pretty much anything, from just feeling a bit unwell, aches and pains, to skin complaints, rashes and other concerns. We also offer a broad range of private blood tests, STI tests, referral letters and fit for work notes.

Full list of services