Visit a doctor near you today from just £49.99

Get a GP appointment near you today, from just £49.99

For a quick, affordable way to see a Doctor when you need one, trust Doctaly. There’s no interrogation by the receptionist and you don’t need to know you’re going to be ill two weeks in advance!

So if you wake up feeling a bit rough, you’re struggling to shake off a niggly cough, or you want to speed up some routine tests, Doctaly is on call for you.

Great service!! I was seen by Dr Kamil who identified my problem straightaway and wrote a prescription. Sorted within three hours - already recommended this service to friends and family.

Jane, London

Good service. Proved to be very useful. I needed to see a doctor before a business trip and could not get into my local GP. I was able to organise an appointment using Doctaly with relative ease. Would recommend.

David, London

Great and reliable service. Works effortlessly and got to see a doctor at a time that suited me. Would definitely recommend and use again in the future.

Anon, Birmingham

How Doctaly works

Quick, easy and secure. There’s no lengthy sign up forms and you can book an appointment in three simple steps:

1) Search our doctors by location

You can refine the results by date, gender of doctor, areas of specialism and languages spoken.

2) Choose your doctor and book the appointment

You’ll get an instant email confirmation (and an SMS reminder).

3) Pay using our secure payment system

Our website uses secure payment technology and is GDPR compliant, so your details are 100% safe.

Then turn up for your appointment

…and start feeling better!

What happens at my appointment?

Just go along to the surgery, like you would for your normal registered GP. Consultations are 15 minutes long, so you will have plenty of time to talk to the Doctor in a relaxed environment.

We don’t store any of your medical records or details of your appointment. If you wish to share these with your own doctor or other healthcare professionals, you can.

If you need medication, you’ll be given a prescription there and then, which you can collect at any UK pharmacy. And if you need, or want, to be referred to a specialist or for further tests, you can do that through Doctaly too, or go back to your doctor with the information.

What can I see a Doctaly doctor for?

You can book an appointment for pretty much anything, from just feeling a bit unwell, aches and pains, to skin complaints, rashes and other concerns. We also offer a broad range of private blood tests, STI tests, referral letters and fit for work notes.

Dr Sian Morris
Dr Anuj Patel
Dr Maher Shakarchi
Dr Jayin Jacob
Dr Heather Watson
Dr Tasneem Ally
Dr Dinesh Silva

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