Corporate Wellness Programme

Because healthy people means a healthy business

It is now well recognised that productivity can be maximised by supporting the health and wellbeing needs of your team. With increasingly high-pressured and demanding working environments, the case for helping your people stay healthy and motivated has never been stronger.

In 2018, an estimated 142 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK, at a £9 billion cost to employers for sick pay and associated costs*

*Source: Office National Statistics 2018.

Unlike other employee benefits packages, Doctaly’s Corporate Wellness Programme has a strong emphasis on preventative health, giving your team access to a comprehensive range of services which promote wellness in the workplace such as yoga and mindfulness seminars. We are passionate about keeping your people healthy and productive, tackling the growing epidemic of presenteeism.

We know that despite your best efforts your team may still fall ill and it is reassuring to know to our corporate clients that there is quick and convenient treatment available from the UK’s best healthcare professionals through our Digital Healthcare Marketplace offering a range of face to face and virtual services to meet your peoples every need.

Your company is unique as a result of the people working within it. We take great pride in understanding their needs and creating a bespoke wellness programme with the most suitable providers and services to best suit their needs and within your budget starting from just £8 per employee per month. We continue to work closely with your HR teams to ensure our programme is delivering results and being utilised fully to ensure ROI.

Benefits of a healthy workplace
  1. Reduced absenteeism
  2. Reduced staff turnover
  3. Improved company image
  4. Increased productivity levels
  5. Reduced presenteeism
  6. Increased staff morale

We can offer same-day access to a GP during office hours, plus health and wellbeing seminars held at your workplace on a range of topics, from sleep hygiene to managing workplace stress and achieving a healthy work-life balance – all factors contributing to presenteeism and ultimately to absenteeism.

Our bespoke packages can include a wide range of options for your team, including on-site GP clinics, occupational health services, flu jabs and health checks, mental wellbeing support, yoga classes and much more. If you don’t see what you want, then just ask and we are confident we can source it for you. Consider Doctaly, with our extensive network and experience, as your partner in sourcing and managing all your employees’ health and wellbeing needs.

If you’re interested in providing a wellness programme for your team and would like further information, please leave your contact details below and we’ll follow up to discuss your requirements:

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